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Ep. 136: The Anaconda System, feat. Matt Skaff

July 26, 2021 Steve & Matt Kwan Episode 136
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 136: The Anaconda System, feat. Matt Skaff
Show Notes

This week we're joined by Matt Skaff!  Matt is a 10th Planet black belt who specializes in the anaconda choke.  The anaconda is powerful because it's not just a choke: it's a powerful positional system with a lot of submission options.

Matt's key advice for the anaconda:

  • Don't squeeze too early!
  • Don't go deep too early: you don't want them to control your elbow.
  • Use your lat for power: pinch your elbows to your core.
  • Grab your tricep, not your bicep.  Internally rotate your thumb down.
  • Before you gator roll, pull them back and sprawl at 45°.

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