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Ep. 134: Bullshit Inoculation, feat. Phrost

July 12, 2021 Steve & Matt Kwan Episode 134
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 134: Bullshit Inoculation, feat. Phrost
Show Notes

This week we're joined by Phrost, the founder of Bullshido.  You probably know Bullshido as one of the internet's best resources for debunking fake martial arts, fake news, and other bullshit.  In this episode, Phrost shares his toolkit for inoculating yourself against bullshit.

Phrost's advice:

  • Enforce the burden of proof.
  • Avoid dichotomous (black and white) thinking.
  • Keep your identity small.
  • Trust data, not anecdotes.
  • Beware of those promising certainty.
  • Understand that imperfect solutions are still useful.
  • You can have too much of a good thing.
  • It's easier to guard your mind from bullshit than to get it out later.
  • You have to give a shit about the truth.
  • Beware confirmation bias: is it true, or do you want it to be true?
  • Check your sources, and then check the checks on those sources.
  • Biased does not equal false.
  • Asking for money does not immediately make you a scammer.
  • Don't assume an edge case applies to the whole.

Mental models discussed in this episode:

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