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Ep. 276: Polarity Mapping, feat. Emily Kwok

March 18, 2024 Steve Kwan Episode 276
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 276: Polarity Mapping, feat. Emily Kwok
Show Notes

This week we're joined again by Emily Kwok!  Emily is a peak performance consultant and multi-time BJJ black belt world champion representing Marcelo Garcia.  In this episode, Emily introduces polarity mapping: a powerful tool for understanding nuance and breaking through either/or thinking.  We discuss polarities in Jiu-Jitsu, such as: tension/slack, fast/slow, retraction/extension, holding on/letting go, and concepts/techniques.

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Resources discussed in this episode:

BJJMM Ep. 121: Kegan's Theory of Adult Development, feat. David Zeitler

Polarity Management, by Barry Johnson

Mental models discussed in this episode:

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