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Ep. 265: Mental Toughness, feat. Erin Herle

January 01, 2024 Steve Kwan Episode 265
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 265: Mental Toughness, feat. Erin Herle
Show Notes

This week we're joined again by Erin Herle!  Erin is a black belt under Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" and is the founder of #SubmitTheStigma.  She's also a mental performance consultant with a Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology, which is relevant to our topic of conversation today.

In this episode, Erin talks about mental toughness.  She explains how mental toughness is an attribute you can train, how many people define it incorrectly, and what to expect when you work with a mental performance consultant.  She also explains the limitations of mental performance coaching and the ethical importance of staying within your area of competency.

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