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Ep. 249: Creating Luck, feat. Wesley "LambySeries" Seek

September 11, 2023 Steve Kwan Episode 249
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 249: Creating Luck, feat. Wesley "LambySeries" Seek
Show Notes
"I truly believe I can create luck." That's something you'll hear if you listen to interviews with Wesley Seek. Wesley, better known by his handle LambySeries - or Lamby for short - is a world-class competitive card gamer, previously achieving Grandmaster status in Hearthstone and currently considered the best Marvel Snap player in the world.

This episode serves two purposes. First, to feed Steve's crippling Marvel Snap addiction.  And second, to give Lamby a platform to share his sport-agnostic advice on creating luck, shaping the meta, and playing through tilt.

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