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BONUS: Less Impressed More Instructionals Ep.1: Open Guard

May 24, 2023 Steve Kwan
BJJ Mental Models
BONUS: Less Impressed More Instructionals Ep.1: Open Guard
Show Notes

Welcome to a BRAND NEW podcast for BJJ Mental Models Premium subscribers!  Going forward you'll need to be a BJJMM Premium subscriber to get this podcast, but we're giving you this first episode for free!

We're proud to introduce "Less Impressed More Instructionals," a new premium podcast by Jake Luigi.  Jake is the mind behind Less Impressed More Involved, arguably the best analytical BJJ resource on YouTube.

Once per month, Jake will give you his full recap on the instructionals he's been studying.  Think of this podcast like a Coles Notes or Spark Notes for Jiu-Jitsu instructionals.  Jake will explain the best new instructionals available, the key lessons they teach, and ultimately where he'd recommend them.  This podcast could potentially save you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of study time.

In this first episode, Jake talks about his studies into open guard.

Instructionals referenced:

John Danaher:

Gordon Ryan:

Lachlan Giles (SubMeta):

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