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Ep. 210: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, feat. Dr. David Ley

December 19, 2022 Steve Kwan Episode 210
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 210: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, feat. Dr. David Ley
Show Notes

This week we’re joined again by Dr. David Ley!  Dr. Ley is a Gracie Barra black belt and a leading psychotherapist in New Mexico.  In this episode, Dr. Ley gives us a primer on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is an effective tool for treating anxiety, depression, and many mental health disorders. It’s also a great tool for general lifestyle and mindset improvement, and in this episode Dr. Ley shares some advice on how CBT can be beneficial to grapplers.

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Books referenced in this episode:

Atomic Habits, by James Clear:

Descartes’ Error, by Antonio Damasio:

Dummies books by Charles H. Elliott:

Mental models discussed in this episode:

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