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Ep. 180: Gym Rats and Giving Back, feat. Andrew Wiltse

May 23, 2022 Steve Kwan Episode 180
BJJ Mental Models
Ep. 180: Gym Rats and Giving Back, feat. Andrew Wiltse
Show Notes

This week, Andrew Wiltse from Daisy Fresh and Wiltse Bros BJJ joins us for a very raw and transparent conversation.  For those not aware, Andrew recently experienced a manic episode and was diagnosed with dissociative disorder.  He also recently launched the Gym Rat program, a charitable organization focused on sponsoring athletes in need.  In this episode, Andrew talks extensively about his experiences with mania and dissociative disorder, the Gym Rat program, and how the community can make BJJ a better sport.

As a full disclaimer: this episode is not intended as medical advice, and the description of mental health disorders in this episode may not be scientifically accurate.  Please interpret this episode as Andrew's personal story and experience, and not a clinically accurate description of mania and dissociative disorder.  If you believe you are experiencing a mental health disorder, please do what Andrew did and seek the guidance of a medical professional.

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